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“I pledge to advocate for responsible, neighborly short-term rental practices and policies. I pledge to continuously educate myself and others about best practices and the regulations that apply to me. I pledge to celebrate the positive impact short-term rentals have on me and my community.”


Our Story

Rent Responsibly was created to give a much needed boost to the voices to short-term rental supporters. As stakeholders in our communities and stakeholders in the future of the short-term rental industry, we know that it is critical to unite our voices.

The Rent Responsibly initiative began in late 2016 when the NoiseAware Team rented a winnebago to drive from Seattle to Los Angeles, stopping at City Halls and meeting with short-term vacation rental advocates along the way. The mission then is the same as the mission today: to advocate, educate and celebrate the positive impacts of the short-term rental industry.

Dubbed the Rent Responsibly Tour, the inaugural road trip kicked off conversations and connections that culminated in the creation of the Rent Responsibly movement that continues to grow today.

Rent Responsibly is a mission-driven group of individuals from around the world dedicated to the betterment of the short-term rental industry.


Our Mission

The Rent Responsibly mission is to advocate, educate, and celebrate the short-term rental industry. The campaign will illuminate the benefits short-term rentals have on local entrepreneurs, local communities, local economies, and travel experiences.

Rent Responsibly provides a crucial counter-narrative to the negative perception and mischaracterization of the short-term vacation rental industry. The campaign is here to give you a voice by sharing stories from the amazing people who make up the short-term vacation rental industry. Rent Responsibly advocates for responsible hosts and property managers.


Support of Short-Term Rentals

"Do you support or oppose allowing online short-term rental platforms, such as VRBO, HomeAway, and Airbnb to legally operate in your area?"

A random sample survey shows that more people are in support of short-term rental than against. Yet every day new propositions are made to ban or severely restrict short-term rentals in city councils across the country. The popular opinion supporting short-term vacation rentals must be spread nationwide.



Overwhelming Agreement

"Having thought about this more, do you think renting a whole-home vacation rental for family/group trips is an important accommodations option worth protecting?"

Given additional information and perspective, public opinion shifts to majority support.


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Our Advocates


David Krauss, Rent Responsibly

"Rent Responsibly was created to amplify the voices of the tens of thousands of responsible professionals in our industry. We advocate for fair rules and regulations while celebrating the incredible people of the short term vacation rental community.”

Matt Landau, VRMB

"In vacation rentals as with any new industry, there's lots of noise. And when there's noise, important voices can get lost. Rent Responsibly identifies the important voices and helps them sing from the rooftops."

Megan McCrea, NASTRA

"As President of the Nashville Area Short Term Rental Association, the Rent Responsibly team has been a valuable resource in helping us advocate for homesharing in our community. As owners, we have a responsibility to be good hosts and good neighbors. Connecting with fellow hosts to educate, making sure our voices are heard and sharing facts about homesharing are critical to co-existing in our neighborhoods."

Denise Holtz  South Carolina VRMA

Denise Holtz
South Carolina VRMA

Theo Kracke  Save the Rentals SB

Theo Kracke
Save the Rentals SB

Paul Becker  Share San Diego

Paul Becker
Share San Diego

Darik Eaton  Seattle STRA

Darik Eaton
Seattle STRA

Bruce Hoban  VRON Palm Springs

Bruce Hoban
VRON Palm Springs

Greg Holcomb  VRMA

Greg Holcomb

Phil Minardi  Expedia, Inc.

Phil Minardi
Expedia, Inc.

Matt Curtis  Smart City Policy Group

Matt Curtis
Smart City Policy Group


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